How to Make a Dual Burner Stove for Just $6

How to Make a Dual Burner Stove for Just $6

Its almost summer time again! Which means more camping and fires which are where this DIY Dual Burner 6 brick rocket stove that costs just $6 comes in to the rescue! Camping stoves can be expensive, and its always nice to save some money, so with this awesome do it yourself project you can have a two burner stove in no time! The video in the link shows you exactly how to make it, all you need are some cinder blocks which cost next to nothing to buy. You could even possibly find them on craigslist for free or for even less from a building project or salvage yard.

It would be an awesome thing to take on your camping trip or to make at your cabin as well. The metal burner rings you can find at most home supplies stores, and shouldn't cost too much either, or maybe free from an old non-working gas stove. You could even build a larger 4 burner stove if you needed more burners! It seems like you can just stack up the bricks in the way that the man shows on the video in the link and then make your fire in the very bottom layer of bricks and naturally, the heat will rise up to heat whatever you need to heat up.

This would be great in emergencies too, or for an off grid home for a stove that doesn't have to rely on electricity or gas. It is so awesome that people are coming up with these great ideas and sharing them on the net for all to use and try out! I am actually going to save this and try it out the next time we got camping!

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